Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good! Morning

Woke up this morning in a surprisingly good mood. Probably has to do with the end of the week, and maybe all the emotion that I've written down has helped clear my brain. Kind of bloodletting for the soul. Anyhoo, I'm feeling excited about getting married now, and looking forward to it. Now, to just get through these next two work days…

I finished reading A Year in the Maine Woods, and am moving on to a collection of Wendell Berry's essays called The Art of the Commonplace. More on him some other time. I'd love to discuss these books with someone.

It was my mom's birthday yesterday, gave her a nice card. She said it was the nicest she'd ever gotten, and it looked like she was very moved. Makes me happy to let her know that despite anything that happened during the course of growing up, I truly love her and appreciate her. Tell your mom that, you'll not only make her day, you may make her year! (you can tell dad too, btw.)

Now, on to work…

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